Soft Material Metallization

Heng-Tong’s proprietary process adds advanced properties to fabrics and soft materials through metallization.

This unique system augments existing materials – especially fibers, yarns and fabrics – with metal elements and alloys on a nanotech scale, creating augmented soft materials with unique chemical and biophysical properties.

Some of the metals we commonly work with include silver, palladium, copper, nickel and cobalt – which can be combined in custom combinations based on the specific needs of the application.


Heng-Tong has developed advanced membrane materials for use in air and water filtration systems.  These custom materials improve filtration performance and targeting.

Heng-Tong’s proprietary membrane technology increases efficiency through the use of nanofiber-augmented materials incorporated into existing filtration systems.

Additionally, various polymers and absorbents, including catalytic particles, and activated carbon and zeolite particles and can be incorporated into specific nanofibers for selective filtration applications.

Advanced Electrodes

Heng-Tong’s proprietary technology can be used to augment the efficiency of electrodes.  This is especially useful in the manufacturing of batteries and supercapacitors.

Heng-Tong’s technology allows the creation of electrodes based on highly porous special nanofiber membranes.

Electrospun nanofibers with thin metallic coatings provide the sketeton for advanced electrodes, which are coated in palladium, silver, or copper using a proprietary electroless plating technique.

EMI Shielding

Heng-Tong has developed nanofiber membranes with enhanced EMI shielding properties.  These membranes offer superior shielding and have wide applications as replacements for traditional metal-based shielding materials in consumer and commercial electronics.

Heng-Tong’s EMI shielding nanofiber membranes have been specifically developed for their enhanced shielding capabilities.

Augmented with nickel, cobalt, and specially developed magnetic nanoparticles, these nanofiber membranes are thin, lightweight, and a very efficient solution for EMI shielding applications.


Our technology has significant applications in commercial, industrial and consumer electronics manufacturing.