About Ht

About the Company

Heng-Tong Material Technology Co. Ltd. is a research platform company specialized in the metallization of soft materials and the development of high performance membranes based on advanced fibers.

Heng-Tong has developed proprietary techniques for the creation and manufacture of nanofibers which exhibit advanced chemical and biophysical properties.  These nanofibers have uses in many commercial and industrial applications, and will revolutionize the future of material technologies.

Heng-Tong’s unique nanofiber and membrane technologies have advanced applications in air and water filtration systems, in next generation batteries and supercapacitors, as EMI shielding in electronics, and as advanced fabrics for the 21st century.

Heng-Tong’s technology platform is under development.  Their focus is ongoing research and development with the objective of bringing the technology to market.  They are actively building their team and are looking for qualified technicians.

Our Philosphy

At Heng-Tong we believe strongly in creating lasting industry partnerships and long-standing relationships.  We work closely with the teams of our partners, customizing and optimizing our technologies for their specific applications and processes.

We work to meet the long term goals and objectives of our clients, providing high-tech solutions, profitability, and happy customers for every one of our partners.


Our technology has significant applications in commercial, industrial and consumer electronics manufacturing.